The Global Tourism Forum is built on holistic and equitable principles that underpin the sustainable development of tourism events. By doing so, it highlights the need to harmonize local and global nuances in a sustainable manner. The Forum provides myriad information and expertise on economic, social and environmental issues that are relevant to advancing tourism in all aspects.

Future Events

Global Tourism Forum (GTF) meetings have been designed to stand out as a sought-after platform to stimulate a new thought process focusing on key global issues impacting positively or negatively on the industry. It may also herald a new vision and new perspectives for tourism as the powerhouse for future economic growth and investment for wealth and job creation through innovation and global value chain.

2,500 Delegates

1,200 Delegates

Past Events

Global Tourism Forum will brought important figures of world politics, tourism investors and agencies to the host countries. We believe that progress happens by bringing together leaders from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.

50 Speakers / 40 Topics

10 Categories

20 Speakers / 7 Topics

10 Categories

25 Speakers / 7 Topics

170 Speakers / 50 Topics / 152 Influencers / 50 Ministers

20 Categories

170 Speakers / 50 Topics

110 Speakers / 38 Topics / 150 Influencers / 10 Ministers

15 Categories

17 Speakers / 9 Topics

24 Speakers / 7 Topics