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Annual Meeting

Ethiopia 2020

Annual Meeting Ethiopia 2020 , which will be held in July 2020, gathers a large number of industry executives, investors and political authorities from all over the world in Addis Ababa. Annual Meeting Ethiopia 2020 will be a brand-new milestone in tourism industry.

The Tourism and Investment Event

200+ World Class Speakers

We bring the leaders of tourism industry together, in the tourism capital of the world at Annual Meeting Ethiopia 2020.

3,000 Delegates

Delegates from all over the world will once again converge on the capital region and interact with the elected officials and decision-makers.

100+ Topics

We are setting the trends in tourism around the world, we set the topics of each meeting accordingly.

Speakers will be announced soon!

Agenda will be announced soon!


We will work together to ensure that tourism opens up new horizons. I hope Global Tourism Forum will benefit the world tourism.

Recep Tayyip ErdoğanPresident of the Republic of Turkey

Global Tourism Forum is a really important initiative. Foremost organization for engaging the world’s top leaders in collaborative activities to shape the global, regional and industrial agendas.

Jose Manuel BarrasoPresident of the European Commission (2004-2014)

Global Tourism Forum is an event that helps people and countries to develop links between each other.

David MilibandChief Executive of the International Rescue Committee

Global Tourism Forum brings tourism leaders together all around the world and helps to expand the tourism market.

Jack StrawHome and Foreign Secretary of the UK (1997-2006)

Global Tourism Forum is the most powerful and influential organization over Tourism. It brings political leaders and investors together all around the world.

François HollandePresident of the French Republic (2012-2017)

Cooperation with international organizations such as Global Tourism Forum encourage global groups and foreign investors about the hosting country.

Olivier LambertWorld Bank Manager of Africa

Ethiopia: The Land of Origins

Last year, Ethiopia experienced the highest tourism growth in the world, surpassing the global average growth rate of 3.9% and the African average of 5.6%. The Council stated that during the period, the sector supported 2.2 million jobs and contributed $7.4 billion to Ethiopia’s economy, according to World Travel & Tourism Council.

Annual Meeting Manifesto

Partners will be announced soon!

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July 2020