Stepping on board of the beautiful plane I’m feeling miracle. Miracle in every single secong of future trip.
I love inspiring travel videos on board.
I love foretasting of that unforgettable feeling of the new destination. I love to remember the best moments and colorful stories adter the trip.

I love to be inspired during long winter evenings and then schedule weekend in Istanbul again. All my memories were captured in this short movie, and even some ideas for future trips!

Istanbul is a truly fascinating destination, spanning continents and history that is guaranteed to take your breath away. Rhythm, color, sound, smell, breath, this city makes you totally crazy! Noisy streets’ women disputes, sonorous echo of winding streets and narrow passageways between the mansonry, colorful houses and clothes drying between them, running school children, smiling and shouting, pushing each other, trying to get into the camera lens… all this is old Balat. The lights of the metropolis, skyscrapers and luxury hotels terrace – this is business city. Bosphorus at night. Or sunset and cup of coffee near Sultanahmet. This is endless list of moments…

Collect the moments, not the banknotes! Doesn’t matter how old and pretty are your shoes if you’re wearing them and walking over narrow streets of old Istanbul.

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