Age 13-14, Award of summer vacation in lstanbul. come from a small provincial town of Edirne to lstanbul to spend time with my cousin. l was award of him also. Fun spend time with me, with every day out Bakirkoy Square home, the newly opened lstanbul’s first shopping center, sometimes expanding diameter a bit tour go Taksim, sold in the Atlantic passage interesting and touching without everything that encourages youth. My first impression of lstanbul remain in my memory.

High school ends I earn a stable manner in a single preference Istanbul University. On the recording, Bayezid campus crowd, not to get lost trying to figure out streets behalf. A tacky side, the other side of the rat race smells damp history. A big square, pigeon in abundance, say square by means of pigeons in istanbul. I swallowed the streets over the years it will pass there. Which Sultanahmet exits, whichever is shortest in the Eminönü district, Laleli, Aksaray, Findikzade. Old lstanbul here. Istanbul native place. Bazaar in the winter to warm and Mahmutpasa, to get to the Egyptian market, the viability of mixed trades pleasant to listen to each other talk, throwing for an ideal route for a laugh.

I do not go too much to sort out the Bosphorus. usually Taksim Istiklal Street, Galatasaray square. There is nothing after Galatasaray. Back at inci eating past profiteroles, or wrap wet hamburger Kizilkayalar returns. Enter a movie theater in labor. students receive tickets. Rain snow, sun opens, sweat is not the trouble to cold wind in his youth. It is also less sleep. Bar 2 hours sleep the next day to take the exam come from who knows how many times. Who knows? My youth l lived in a city such as Istanbul, l see myself lucky.

No long queues at the Galata tower at that time, we can go whenever we want. All seasons are beautiful to look at from there to the city of seven hills, then flew here Hazerfan also have to think about how much courage the wings Üsküdar. Strait logging in to watch the giant ships berthed in Karaköy. Then or now always another taste. Now those of you lined with designer shops of the bohemian life of the Galata icon. The focus of domestic or foreign lstanbul lovers.

University finished Bosporus begins with our relationship Kadiköy to the Nisantasi work while early morning ferry, evening minibus throat bridge. Crossing the bridge throat every night for one last time to live that moment l push myself to the fullest. Full history against me peninsula, Besiktas coast, the Kuzguncuk, on the other hand, Ortakoy Light cargo ships waiting to cross the Straits of Marmara in the open air.

Now that I think a privilege to sit in Kadikoy. Then of course youth, consistency house hotel. Knowing that age should be removed by the rush of the taste of the moment. Quickly passing quickly consumed everything in that year. Now the most popular Moda district, Windmill, then a virgin then of native.

Hectic ferry glide accompanied by the gulls. Every morning my first consternation. Sometimes see dolphins in waves, so my quest. If Seeign it makes me glad like I came in a big bonus.

Millennium year is progressing as saying once again approaching the speed of light. This time changing my size slaughtered meeting with business reason. For lunch; Arnavutköy, Bebek, Rumelihisari, Emirgan more in the future Yenikoy, Tarabya Sariyer until in the rain, snow, air open every color driving of the sea and music…

While we get enough complaints every day from lstanbul traffic, the crowds get back to his village no longer get enough people to look at to say. With Balat, the Belgrade Forest, Atatürk Arboretum, in summer big wavy Black Sea beaches, sailing, islands, fashions, Kanlica, Beykoz, the favorite tour throat. 20 years a favorite of mine lstanbul.

There are few cities in the world living on 7/24,in: joy, sorrow, joy, youth, old age, lack of completeness, magic, chaos, quietude, including you.

“I learned to laugh here
Love, be loved, to be abandoned
I learned to wrap the wounds here
In spite of everything to be able to stand Istanbul so why did you leave me all alone Istanbul what a mind is this let’s understand Rain still falling from eyes of lstanbul Istanbul Remind me please do not forget”

from Orhan Veli to Birsen Tezer, Orhan Pamuk to Fausto Zonaro, Resat Nuri Güntekin to Melih Cevdet Anday, Bedri Rahmi to Sezen Aksu, Abidin Dino to Ara Guler, Livaneli to Rudolf Ernst, Agatha Christie to Thomas Alloa, Jean-Baptiste van Moura to Philip Mansen, does not stop to count many local and foreign artists have.


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