Konya is known as Turkey’s largest city in terms of surface area. Apart from the settlement of Çatalhöyük, which is under Unesco’s protection together with Rumi and Shems, and its role a the capital of many ancient civilizations, for us Konya has another issue which is at least as big as its surface area. What would that be? Its cuisine.

Well, what can you expect from us? This is our perspective.

I called it an issue because it’s actually a petty issue in Konya’s cuisine. Although it has so many different dishes, Konya Cuisine is not known as much as Gaziantep or Hatay in the Turkish food&beverage culture. However, “etliekmek” and “mevlana” as a pita type is as common as Gaziantep kebab places in all other major cities.

Still, let’s first talk about where those looking for real taste can find which taste in which Konya spot. It is evident that Konya springs to mind when one thinks of etliekmek. It’s like a pita with meat cubes but not exactly. It is like what tantunit looks like a pita but not exactly, either… This is why etliekmek has become a category by itself. Okay then, where are you going to eat etliekmek in Konya? In Bolu Restaurant… one of the leading Konya restaurants, which has made Konya-specific etliekmek according to Konya style, since 1964.

In addition, if you go to the restaurant Halk Etliekmek, this time you will encounter one of the best Mevlana (Konya) pastry-making companies. Similarly, there is another pastry type named “Recai Böreği,” where they put mouldy Konya cheese on the minced meat, which is an extra gourmet tip to you by us.

By the way, the dishes in Konya are not limited to these. You will find good performers almost everywhere “Okra Soup” is not only soup but a masterpiece that is almost full of healing features. That is a wonderful meal that will make even someone who dislikes okra fall in love.

Pita, pastries, and soup not enough for you? Then let’s tell you about the oven kebab. Hacı Şükrü Fırın Kebap Evi continues to gratify carnivores with a hundred-year-old tradition. Remember to try okra soup and the sacarası dessert here. I am sure you now realize that sacaracı desert is also a taste unique to Konya.

Let’s continue with meat. Tirit is made in different ways in Konya. But Tiritiçi Mithat’s tirit recipe is one of the first choices of both Konya residents and the city’s visitors. Its sauce consists of 68 kinds of spice, grilled meatballs, roasted peppers, and tomatoes. And you need to add the melting butter on top of it.

Ar you hungry now?

I do not cite düğün pilav at all, but if you are as much a flavor enthusiast as us you must definitely taste oily loaf with stuffed cheese at Pideci Hasan Şendağlı.

This is just an introduction to Konya cuisine. Introduction is my job whereas discovering others is yours.

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