Delivering his speech on the first day of the World Tourism Forum Global Meeting, Dr. Michael Frenzel drew attention to the travel bans. Dr. Frenzel highlighted that security advice and warnings are significant instruments in tourism but should not cause a panic around the world. Dr. Frenzel argued that travelers spread the peace around the world and said, “Travel restrictions are a mechanism working against peace. Restricting people from traveling due to their countries, races, languages, religions or other
characteristics does not bring about positive results. In my roles, I have been putting in efforts to change the systems which restrict entries into and exits from countries.” Dr. Frenzel reminded that the US decided not to give visa for new Muslim citizens for 90 days arguing that it was against the freedom of travel, which a fundamental human right.
Dr. Frenzel said, “There should be no travel ban to ensure the development of peaceful relations between countries” and highlighted that the world needs tourism. Dr. Frenzel continued: “The US saw negative consequences of such policies in the past. We hope that the US would review this restriction, as they lost $600 billion tourism revenues and up to 9 percent in the number of tourists due to closed borders and strict visa applications.”
Dr. Frenzel highlighted that tourism businesses should consider their first duty as the protection of natural and historical beauties and added, “We should strive to remedy the effects of touristic activities on climate change. All companies operating in this industry are responsible for maximizing positive effects and minimizing negative ones. A sustainable future necessitates all these factors.
We believe that the whole industry is responsible for them. The main role of this industry is to protect nature and history for future generations.”
Reminding that the United Nations declared 2017 as the “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development,” Michael Frenzel said, “We have a great chance. We have to turn tourism into a catalyzer by mobilizing all our means together. The International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development feature the following five key areas: (1) Inclusive and sustainable economic growth; (2) social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction; (3) resource efficiency; environmental protection and climate change; (4) cultural values, diversity and heritage, and (5) mutual understanding, peace, and security.”

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