Maybe Istanbul is staying at the centre of a word that can be said easily beyond the complexity created by all of the meanings and concept has. At the meaning the people wanting to tell about her assigned fo Centuries, in other words “At the beginning”.

Istanbul is the city of beginnings. It is like a puzzle which hides the scenes of a mysterious story that can only be told with the pureness of beginning but later will be unbelievable in big areas.

Whenever face a legend information or story about the establishment of this city, always come across the same sentences, Sentences starting like Amazed at its air, water, location and natural beauties and with similar sentences which go to the beginning of lstanbul. The beginning of lstanbul told to be like the beginning of the world or a new life. Then people who own lstanbul start to work to protect this land where this new life full with beauty was established. In a way that the human made walls and the ditches aren’t enough and they start to build the biggest temples and put the name of the city in prays Istanbul continues to be “the Beginning The beginning distances known till that day to the cities of west and east were calculated from the middle of lstanbul. The directions of East and West are described with Istanbul and time is calculated according to the meridian passing through Istanbul. The beginning of Rome’s ancient ways is lstanbul. The periods’ chronology told while explaining the human history also starts from Istanbul.

Istanbul is a beginning for me too. It is the place of the beginning of everything own since my first breath. It is the city of me as it is the millions and people who first opened their eyes here and the city of people beginning a new life here.

istanbul is also the beginning of my travel paths. This is the city where the first point of my travel began and its doorstep that led me into the paths of the world. But another important thing for me is that it is also the place I arrive. My home, country, city and own beginning. This is a magical city just like a therapist who took all of my problerns away first sip of tea, l got ill on my father’s shoulders when first felt the wind, found peace in a boat got on at Bosporus, l complained of its daily life but missed the minute l got away.

My capital city, Empires capital city lstanbul stanbul is the world’s capital city that varies in meanings besides the political meaning of “capital and not only today’s world. It is city which has a title that could not be change despite the periods lived the world.

It appears to me that lstanbul is in a body that involves more than known and chooses not be told. Everyone talks about it, vocalize it Istanbul that makes you listen when mentioned in a noisy crowd. You can’t move until you listen You won’t be able get it out of your head and sleep.

Istanbul is something to everyone. Many books, poems, songs, writings have talked about Istanbul, but no one could ever tell about that exact power. Maybe its secret of being “something to everyone lies there Being “The Capital of the World” which cannot be explained and cannot be changed in any period.

You suppose that think like this, and others think differently? Well, then you will need a long time to explain the reason of the battle given to have only one city from the settlements of lstanbul till today! But do not get in too much trouble; the answer will be Istanbul again.


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