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I have been dreaming of the first blue voyage I will make in magical waters ever since I was a kid. Who knows, what triggered such a dream was perhaps my birth in a house by the sea, growing up with the sound of waves, therefore, being in love with the sea.

I did a lot of reading and research before going on the epic holiday that that brought together all the shades of blue and green. What impressed me the most was blue voyage Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, the great poet, had with his literature colleagues in the 1950s. The Master says “Blue voyage is a tale, unspoken, unwritten, non-sketched…”

I now felt ready for this adventure toward my mid-20’s. I prepared the boat after gathering a team of my friends who were undoubtedly ready for the blue voyage. I knew they loved, at least as much I did, the horizon colored with thousands of shades of blue, gold-colored beaches, waves battering boats’ boards, and strong iodine odor of the sea.

Actually, I did not care much about from which port our voyage would start off and which bays we would visit. I just wanted to spend an entire week on the boat, start the day early with magical scenes and the energy produced by plenty of oxygen, jump into the water as soon as I wake up in the unknown and deserted bays, and eat whatever comes out of the sea.

I had conducted so much research that I knew every detail when I conversed with other boat captains including our route, bays to visit and places where we would spend the night. I set out on my first voyage from Marmaris, and fortunately so; at least Marmaris and the surrounding bays were very far away from their current popularity 15 years ago.

Weighing anchor, sitting in front of the boat while heading for Hisarönu, a warm wave of the wind on my face, and the silhouette of Marmaris shrinking behind – they are all like yesterday. After Hisarönü, I stopped the islets and bays scattered between Kızkumu, Orhaniye, Selimiye and Bozukkale in order as well as Datça and Knidos, and I fell in love with this geography once again.

I experienced blue voyages in different routes in the following years, and these journeys gave me much more pleasure than other sea holidays. If you ask the question “What has changed on blue voyages in these 15-20 years?” I think our country, our bays, forests are still very beautiful. The most important difference between old and new blue voyages is:

The hearts and minds of old travelers were full whereas their wallets were empty. Now, the wallets are packed but the hearts…

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