A wind blows in Istanbul. There are sounds of dozens of cultures in its humming, Enters from a mosque window, hits a church wall. Circulates longitudinally seven hills of lstanbul. Filtered between Thousands of ears of historic structures and the Turkish coffee you take your lips pierces its scent.

Actually Istanbul’s reason to be a world capital is the blowing wind centuries. Wars, suffering, happiness, the blend of different cultures in this wind throughout the history pierced in such that, no longer possible to separate one from any other. People captivated to he magic of this far wind for miles wafts to city. All the stones that they touch, all the buildings that they see, every cultural difference that they witnessed them, Istanbul is the book they read by tapping; sometimes historical, sometimes sociological, sometimes mythological… When reading a page they are waiting impatiently what is written on the next page. The city offers an unforgettable story and a completely different color when they turn pages.

City has a colorful texture with the contribution of everyone who lived on this land for centuries. This mosaic structure, this chrominance blinding area, has committed all the streets of the city. As the color Maiden’s tower adds to the darkness of the night, in surface streets the Windows of the house hanging clothes are also colors of this city. Once from the palaces as much zitherist voice heard or the reed sound’s heard from rear quarter are as the color added to streets. Minaret adorning mahya as Burning candles in church also illuminate this city This mosaic, after the summer rain accompanying sun carries the the excitement of the rainbow. A separate harmony in every color, give a ascination that gives people which will never end!

Wandering the cobblestone in Beyoglu, who felt the melody in the voice of gulls sipping tea on a ship, lose ownself in the narrow streets in chaos, find peace in mosques and churches, ownself to nature on its islands, everyone leaving ownself the history of the palaces no longer fall under the spell of this city. felt in the depths of the heart the wind of Seven hills. Here in stanbul, where for thousands of years stories of fans who come to this city, Istanbul has been narrated with tales and myths they create!

It has taken place for centuries in mythology It has inspired poets. commit itself as a painter embroidery this unique city is not the city where history is experienced this city is home to where history is written by Istanbul, as the stories in the history of thousands of years, with new stories that are occurring every day, every time a will continue to be “World Capital” and fascinating people.

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