Fethiye is known for its turquoise sea, a 5,000-year history, and as one of the rare places where green and blue finally come together. It is one of the few beautiful towns where you can enjoy life thanks to dozens of islands, more than 300 sunny days, the Mediterranean wind, which makes you feel your breath, and the pleasure of life.

Originally called Megri, Fethiye was named after the Pilot Tayyareci Fethi Bey, whose plane crashed in the town of Şimiriye of Damascus’s Taberiye District on February 27, 1914.

One of Turkey’s most important historical and touristic places, Fethiye hosts over 200,000 Mediterranean-lovers. It feels happy for, rather than tired, of hosting millions of tourists from all over the world.

You can enjoy Fethiye for 12 months although it is known as a town to visit during summer months. It fascinates many travel lovers with the winds of the Taurus Mountains the winter, the hot weather warming people in the spring, and a dream sunset in summer. Only Fethiye?

Actually, Fethiye hosts not only over 72 villages or dozens of islands but also the Belcekız Beach, one of world’s few blue-flag beaches located in Ölüdeniz (Dead Sea).

Those who happen to pass through Fethiye must definitely spare at least one week to the Lycian Way, one of the world’s top 10 long-distance trails as well as 18-km long Saklıkent Canyon and 12 famous must-see islands.

However, every discovery enthusiast should also stop by the Fish Market every day as this rare beauty of Turkey offers at least 50 kinds of fish. They should not return without enjoying the unique seafood of Fethiye as it is adjacent to both the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas.

There is no end to must-visit places and adventurous activities in Fethiye. For example, you can witness possibly one of the most beautiful landscapes you can observe in your life by jumping with a parachute from 1,969 meters in Babadağ, one of Turkey’s thrilling centers; discover Kayaköy, a famous Greek village and one of the oldest settlements in the region; or enjoy the snow-capped mountains in Karabel region if you come by Fethiye in the winter.

You can finish your day at the cordon, which stretches in Fethiye’s center for a few kilometers, find peace in Çalış region or enjoy shopping in Paspatur.

Having never missed the sunset in over 60 countries I have visited, I am one of those who could not get enough of watching the sunset in Fethiye. I think I have seen the most beautiful sunsets in Muğla’s Fethiye district. I wish that you always have the most beautiful, mesmerizing and never- ending sunsets.

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