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Finally we can say it: we are invited to take part, along with 50 other travel bloggers from all over the world, to the World Tourism Forum 2016 which will be held in Istanbul on the first days of February.

We had notice of it on the last day of 2015, while we were in France, and our happiness was huge.

We are happy and pride to be asked to take part in such an important event for our work, this invitation for us is a proof that our project, little by little is developing in the right way, that we are creating something good , perhaps different from many other realities in our field, but certainly appreciated.

The second reason for us to be completely happy is the chance to visit a place for us still unknown, but with such a charming name. Istanbul.

There have been the days with all the exchange of emails with the organizers to make this event more and more concrete, the days of the email of the Turkish embassy for the necessary documents, and there have been also the days of the sad news on papers.

Sure we had doubts, we sure we’ve been thinking about, but after many talks the certain thing is that we will be welcoming the invitation.

We will be part of the World Tourism Forum: airline tickets just arrived just!

So we will get to know Istanbul.

All the people who have talked to me about Istanbul, they always did with that light in their eyes that shows their falling in love, the kidnapping of the senses, and now I can only be extremely curious to see it with my own eyes.

I’m curious to see the people belonging to this metropolis, that was told to me to have two-speed; curious to cross that bridge they told me to unite, not divide; curious to be able to see that what has been different over the centuries, is been kept different over the centuries, and has helped to create something great, unique.

Curious to understand what it means to have two continents that are part of the same city, to find my Europe in this huge metropolis of the world, and even more curious about things I will probably not understand right away.

It ‘s hard to talk about a place that you do not know, but it’s easy to talk about the emotions of expectation.

Today I walked into my travel book shop (yes, in Verona we are lucky enough to have Gulliver: an entire book shop dedicated only to travel books) and I asked something about Istanbul. The shelf contained dozens of guides, some made as comic, others written by well known authors, and of course the classic guides. And inside those pages I found again the same love sight of the persons I have talked with about the city.There’s nothing else I can say but: can’t wait to be there!

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