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NAI Becar Apartments is the part of Becar Asset Management Group and is an expert in the field of apartments and aparthotels. NAI Becar Apartments also manages projects of redevelopment office buildings into apartments and aparthotels with further sale to private investors. Company develops its own federal chain of aparthotels VERTICAL and promotes aparthotels as a segment. In cooperation with largest international operators company develops and sales serviced apartments mixed with classic hotels. One more activity of the company is investments of institutional and large private investors to rooms in aparthotels worldwide. In 2014 NAI Becar Apartments won RREF Awards in “Best Apartments” nomination and in 2016 won Move Realty Awards in nomination for “Best Aparthotel”.

In “Time for optimal solutions” conference, you mentioned about bringing back the trend of effective anti-crisis solutions for the owners to convert business centers into hotels. How does this solution affect Russia tourism industry?

This is one of the drives of the development of tourism industry in Moscow. When the owner of business center in Moscow cannot find buyer for his building he can convert it to apart hotels or serviced apartments and sell it to the private investors.

What are the optimal solutions to reduce the need of hotels in Russia tourism?

Now we see demand for diversification of hospitality products: 2-3-4-5 star hotels, aparthotels and serviced apartments. Diversification is the optimal solution.

How do you see the today and fu ture of the investments in Tourism industry for Russia?

Today we see 2 drives. The first is institutional investors from Middle East and Asia, who invest in hotels. The second is private investors from Russia, interested in buy-to-let apartments/ rooms. In 2017-2018 we expect increasing interest of institutional investors from Europe, who are already partners of European hotel chains.

Could you describe the overall situation of construction market in Russia?

The profit of construction companies decreases, market becomes more and more competitive. The volume of the work stay the same for the last 7 years.

What are your expectations from 2017?

We expect more tourist from Middle East and Asia. Their influence on Russian tourist industry is growing. Is there a foreign investment of the year in terms of tourism? The main unexpected deal was purchasing land with building in Moscow for hotel development by Japanese chain – Toyoko Inn.

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