Istanbul energises at a point where the beauties that connot be found any other place cross, meet and where each of them become meaningful again. This city presents the huge responsibility of being between two continents, in any other city, with tolerance, association, harmony and endless energy for thousands of years all around the world every day.

Beautiful Istanbul which is at the centre of East and West and at a place where both of them meet and take on a new meaning; takes part at the centre of events that change the world’s future with its deep-rooted past equal to the human history. While the texture of the city that witnesses different worlds brings meaning to the contrast feeling with smooth transitions; the harmony of the contrast proves that the world is not a complicated place.

Istanbul, where different cultures meet for centuries and which is the start point for new journeys, is not only a central and arrival point but also have an indescribable atmosphere Stimulates at every step of its seven hill structure.

Istanbul which separates Asia and Europe with Bosporus’s blue and cool water evokes integration, union and connection more than separation. French Emperor Napoleon’s statement proves that the city is at the centre of the world which is “If the world had only one country, its capital would be Istanbul”.

Istanbul which is the capital that shaped the East Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire’s world history, has also been one of the most important passageway of the historical Silk Road. It would be unfair to look at the region’s most important connection centre only as a passageway.

It drives people all around the world with its mosques, churches and synagogues that are each an architectural masterwork, historical places representing the true life experiences, impressive natural beauties, restless life from nights to mornings, delicious street tastes, a lifetime rediscovered ar each street with endless surprises.

This city which hosts all of the parts of the global culture, whispire on each corner that the differences are the most important things that make a human a human being despite the ones who qualify being a citizen of world is to resemble each other. It is possible to understand the soul of Istanbul which always has the movement and life different from all of the mortal cities, by spending some time in the city’s streets and by feeling its soft breeze.

Alphonse de Lamartine’s, a French man of letters, “If you have one opportunity to look to the world, look it through Istanbul” saying, tells each one of us that all of the colours of the world which scares us with its bigness, have their reflection in this city. Everything learned makes more sense while looking at the world through Istanbul. Therefore, Istanbul is a big chance for connection and mutual understanding for the world which is getting closer to be estranged with the braking points.


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