Istanbul is a city that gives you many opportunities. People that come to Istanbul always like to visit its streets. They want to spend all of their time travelling and they feel like their life is passing by if they do not. Why you might ask

There are many countless reasons. First of all there is a huge life you can live outside in Istanbul, beauties that attract everyone. Peninsula that calls for history lovers, the unique Bosphorus that divide the big two continents for those you like the sea, the never-sleeping Istiklal Streets for those who like to have fun…

No matter which cities in the world you compare it to, Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. People who travel a lot know that each place has something different. Well, in Istanbul that is beauty. Zulfi Livaneli’s words explain everything so perfect!

“Paris is a beautiful hall, London is a beautiful park, Berlin is a beautiful barrack, but Istanbul is a beautiful city…”
The seagulls flying with the boats in Halic from the sunset at Galata Tower, show you the beauties of Istanbul.

One of Istanbul’s most unique beauties is its Bosphorus. You start to daydream when you watch the Bosphorus from the Camlica Hill. There are countless beauties in Istanbul hidden in each street and corner of it. It also has an effective energy. It makes you feel alive wherever you go. You get happy like a child when throwing pieces of a bagel to the seagulls when you are in the boat that goes to the Islands. You smell the sea while eating the mussels at the fish market in Istiklal Street. You feel the business life energy while wandering around the towers in Maslak and you feek a nostalgic energy while having a sip of tea with a bagel in Pierre Loti.

Art? When you visit the streets of Old Balat, you witness a different beauty in each street. You look around with admiration when you see the houses in the colours of blue, red, pink, green and many others. You come across people with photo machines in their hands that walk in the narrow streets and always want to catch memorable frames.

You witness a story at each step because of Istanbul’s history. You listen to stories about love while drinking your tea at the Maiden’s Tower and Topkapi Palace shows you the battles and successes experienced throughout centuries.

While walking at the Grand Bazaar near Topkapi Palace, you wander around the shops walking through the history and you see various kinds of spices and dried vegetables at the Spice Bazaar down the Grand Bazaar.

If you really want to understand Istanbul, you have to visit it more than once. You have to breathe in its air and see the must-seen places at the first visit. After the first visit, you have to live it by getting into the life of Istanbul. It wouldn’t be true to say you have lived Istanbul unless you get lost in the streets or taste its food.

The most tasteful foods coming from each corner of Anatolia meet you in the hidden corners of Istanbul. Turkish regional cuisine has a large variety and is beautiful. It has varieties of tastes from Black Sea cuisine, Southern East cuisine, Central Anatolian and Aegean cuisines. It is possible to find a taste that is mouth-pleasing for everyone.

You connot come to Istanbul and not drink the traditional Turkish coffee. It has a very special place in hearts. You drink it with pleasure while having a conversation. It has a taste and preparation specific to itself and it gives an amazing opportunity for those who like fortune telling.

If you want to be involved with the nature beside the many places to visit, it gives you peaceful and beautiful chances too. If your trip is during the Istanbul Tulip Festival, you ‘II have the chance to walk around the colorful tulips at Emirgan Korusu. You will be amazed by the beauty of nature during this festival season.

If your trip didn’t come across the tulip festival, you can spend your day in the peaceful forest at Polonezkoy with the traditional village breakfast and hot tea. And if you want to have a walk, you can walk in the Belgrad Forest among the trees and have a nice day.

You see a different kind of beauty in each season! You will not be able to forget the beauty of Istanbul once you have seen it all white! And when the autumn arrives and all of the leaves turn into red, the Bosphorus gets a beautiful riot of colours.

There are so many beautiful things you can experience while in Istanbul! And seeing it one time will not be enough to live and tell all that. One hve to visit it often and live, see its beauties! You also come across a different beautiful part of it each time you visit.

You have to live the beauty of Istanbul. I hope you experience all of her effective beauties!


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