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Hazerfen Ahmed Chalabi has completed his works. He was excited. However; ain’t in the cause of pass by flying From Europe to Asia. When; calendars showed year 1632, it was severe to realize. This young man had found Galata which is a high place. He climbed the stairs. He attached his wings to his arms. He sailed in the skies up to Üsküdar Doğancılar. As in 21st century’s Istanbul from Cape Town to Oslo, from Tokyo until to Los Angeles accessing airplanes and wherein; there was no flurry in the skies because of hasty people. There was also no buildings piercing the heavens and bridges. Only the first flying human was dominating the skies. Today when he gets still flying the same route he was faced with many modern buildings. But still while the history of Istanbul; with the excitement of a child who conceals the first letter in a can coming from darling, maintains for Hazerfen with the mystical structure.

Ismail with the napkin in his hand while deleting the sweat from
his forehead, on one hand his cousin was calling ou to “There!
come dance the halay”. But he had questions in mind; whether his marriage is just an ignorant behavior. He was the one who eke out
a living. Also his wife would not work. While thinking dropped his head, he stared to big, bright and yellow cumhuriyet gold which was attached to his collar. Relatives dragged him to the dance floor by tugging; that caught Atatürk’s eye. There was no other choice other than leaving himself to dance. Perhaps took power from Ataturk also. Great leader had overcome poverty in very difficult conditions also. Swung foot from side to side accompanied with spots of Zeytinburnu Wedding Hall. Just only danced the halay, even so this much was tired. Horon, zeybek, hora. In Turkey folk dances are as diverse as endless types. Especially the wedding hall of Istanbul is like a dance laboratory. Flocking people from all provinces of the country exhibits a different tune for each region. Ismail set-out to banish all weariness with his wife the next day…

Old brother Salih takes great pleasure; while waiting for customers in small grocery shop in Çukurcuma, drinking tea with slender glasses playing backgammon with neighboring electrical craftsmen in the shop. Although the cotton plantations in Adana inherited from his grandfather; staying in a big city, he chosed to challenge against the giant supermarket. When Customers calls him as Saleh Aga because of his humility he says “who is Aga?”, his cheeks would be red from embarrassment.

He was rich but the stagnancy of life was boring him. He often lost in the game of backgammon. Most of the time was gammoned. One day he thought that he needed a small change…

Tom lived the single life in Berkhamsted in England. Every night
first he goes to the grocery store, and then home. Sometimes he
can not stand, and throws himself to the bar to mizzle. Evening, before coming home made it a habit eating doner kebap. One day he decided to explore the world while watching nature at the top of the monument of the Ashridge. Wonder if to go Europe by train from London, or fly by plane to Iran, then if I go to Istanbul I will be visiting two continents at the same time and thought as and this happens to me morale. He went to Istanbul just in few weeks. He entered Basilica Cistern. Damp cut his breath. Reverse medusa statue a little shuddered him. When he went to Ayasofya Museum before saying “Is this a church or mosque?” he felt that it serves the same purpose. It was crowded around. While people has left their job and walking to Blue Mosque he trailed along after them. Calls to prayer sounds increased before step into the mosque. And this explained the reason for crowd. Thus, he had followed Friday Prayer. He hade more which the Archaeological Museum, the Mosaic Museum and the Topkapi Palace will be seen. but hungry therefore he sat for eating meatball. Thus he met with hot sauce and bean salad also. Exit at the corner shop bruised black curly dark-eyed boy who was waiting with his bare feet was unforgotten. Also had a small bottle of buttermilk. Tom had not lost his sense of humanity with his tourist identity. The weather was getting dark. An inspiring similar monument was existing in this city like his country and time had come to see it…

Ayşegül went crazy all day because of ambition. She was desiring to rise in her career. But the boss’s attitude was making her crazy. Working against a cocky young manager is like a torture in consistency. Maslak’s tall buildings were sounding like prison bars. Eagerly, she gave her resignation Declared her freedom.

Not the people, but she was desiring to look down on Istanbul. went out of the office, rode the subway…

Nergis headed toward the pier and took four Turkish bagels from the counter standing in the corner. A few minutes from the removal of Kadikoy and Karakoy ferry took place upstairs in the open field. Don’t say “What will she do with four Turkish bagels?”. Have you ever fed seagulls by buying bagels from the ferry’s canteen? Nergis throws her hand o her bag with whistle of the steamboat more before coming to Haydarpasa train station alignment was completed the service of the first bagel. She was feeding seagulls tenderly as a mother feeds her child. She performed this ritual again. In fact, the trip is an excuse. The destination that she will go is the same for many years…

Buse against the maiden’s tower view while sipping Turkish coffee hatred for her boyfriend in her mind was peaking. Be cheated harrows the human, Still heart not stops loving. Could not forget him. Could not resist more. Troted off along the way when she first saw her beloved Umut would wait tourists in Grand Bazaar in his shop every day. Se spices in dozens of varieties. Knows the smell of them a Thousands of people pass in front of the shop in a day. What attracted these people to Istanbul He was not reserving enough time to himself. Until in a blog post seeing the slogan “Be a tourist of your own town!” it kept that way. Has released after “list of places to visit”. After work set off.

Linda was in love with the city while visiting on the streets of Kadikoy. Walked up from the beach to Moda. The red colour’s of trams passing by her was shining with the sun. When she arrived to Moda something had drawn her attention that is not in her hometown. There were lots of cats and dogs in the streets. They were not pets which having owners but also they were not wild. She had dreamed of people who are fu of kindness who are loving and feeding these animals. While drinking oralet in Moda in a tea garden a black cat accompanied himself. She stroked and loved it. But she has got to end this love. Now it’s time to ross the Bosphorus. There were other places which she should visit…

At the end of a sunny day in lstanbul with darkness l went to the Galata Tower. was one of the last arriving visitors to tower. Since entrance closed as in hour ten people left inside. I took a look around. Ismail was seeking to see Salih Ağa Çukurcuma while watching Bosporus view and as hugged his wife. When comparing with ones that Tom has seen in his country. Aysegul was falling into a reverie of holiday while looking to big ships docked to Karaköy port. While Buse and Umut was deepen in conversation in between for a short time discussing the beauties of Istanbul, Linda was looking at Halic as sinked into glamour of istanbul. The magic of lstanbul knocked us on the runway of Hezarfen for different purposes. as different people from Different cultures have created mixed feelings with the impact of our current mood.

Istanbul is a world capital and it always stay like this!


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