The Ministry of Tourism and the World Tourism organize the Presidential Golf Day in Angola. It is a Golf tournament, which Angola hosts for the first time and is sponsored by His Excellency President of the Republic of Angola, João Lourenço.

In view of the strategy of the Angolan Executive for the diversification of the National Economy and with a view to attracting foreign investment and boosting the tourism sector, the Ministry of Tourism, with great expectation, accepted the organization of the World Tourism Forum, this event, taking place in Africa, for the second time, after the Republic of Ghana in October 2018.

Day 17 is reserved for the welcome cocktail, between national and foreign athletes, at the Talatona Convention Hotel (HCTA) and on the 18th, the competition that takes place at the Mangals Resort, in Barra do Kwanza.

The Presidential Golf Day, held for the first time in Angola, coordinated by the Ministry of Tourism and the World Tourism Forum, is an annual event to promote the image of Angola and to attract investments for the development of Golf Tourism and through this to boost business and networking between local and foreign companies and several companies will use the event to entertain customers, CEOs and employees.

Golf can boost tourism in Angola

João Lourenço used the praxe techniques, the famous “swing”, for the first stroke. The shot was good. The cry of satisfaction soon followed, both from Joao Lourenço and from those present.

Loaded with symbolism, the initial gesture symbolized the country’s need to give impetus to the peace industry: sun and sea tourism. The President was followed by the small golfer Tsaone Madilola, the First Lady of the Republic, Ana Dias Lourenço, the Minister of Tourism, Angela Bragança and the Minister of Youth and Sports, Ana Paula Sacramento. The tournament was held for the first time in Angola, coordinated by the Ministry of Tourism and the World Turism Forum.

With the participation of more than 80 golfers of different nationalities, the event was disputed and is intended annual. In this first edition, it was focused on promoting the image of Angola and attracting investment for the development of golf tourism. After the first stroke, the President of the Republic inaugurated the Horse Boxes and then attended a match of Equestrian Polo, a mode that, like golf, takes the first steps in the country.

In the Mangroves, Barra do Kwanza, João Lourenço granted a brief exclusive interview to CNNTurk and another to the national press. The President received in audience: the president and the director of the World Tourism Forum, Bulut Bagci and Danilo Nhatumbo.

The Mangals golf course, which has absorbed an investment of more than 100 million dollars, is 18 holes. The promoters project a field of 36 holes into the future. The fields for the practice of this sport are, in essence, very exquisite and always carry an ecological component. Mangroves go very well in this sense, although under construction.

The President of the Republic said “that the moment for investment in Angola is now” and that the first ones to arrive will have advantages “. In a press statement, after the opening of Presidential Golf Day, the Head of State justified the statement that the country is now heading for a business environment conducive to investment, mainly because conditions are created.

“The investment in Angola is now, because we have just created the right environment for that to happen. The moment is now and this opportunity should not be missed. The first to arrive, of course, will have advantages, “insisted the Head of State.

Regarding the attractiveness of investors, João Lourenço recalled that “one has to start with something” and pointed the Mangals event as the kick-off for businessmen linked to tourism to land in Angola. It considers it essential that they should soon bring their capital into the country, for the various domains of the national economy, in particular for tourism.

The holder of the Executive Power considered this sport a great ambassador to attract investors, particularly because it is more connected to the tourism sector. “If we are talking about investment in the area of ​​Tourism, there is no doubt that Golf is the one that is most connected to Tourism. That is why we give support to the Presidential Golf Day event and World Tourism Forum Angola 2019 “he said.

About the Okavango Project, the President of the Republic recalled that he is working with international institutions to start it and acknowledged that the steps taken so far are not yet visible.

“The time will come when this visibility will come to an end,” said João Lourenço, who has no doubt that Okavango will become Angola’s main project. “There are others that are also important, but due to their size and potential, Okavango will eventually be the main one. That is why we are giving due importance, “he said.

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