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There are unexpected passions in life that appear when are not expecting them at all. Like a crush that comes to you as a city or a love at first sight. A trip that you always have dreamed and finally one day you got up making it come true. As this adventure we had on a train in 2004 thought the European guts passing by the heart of the old Constantinople. Counting the kilometers with the smart old railway sound as the film soundtrack of the trip. my pulse was increasing at the same time… that summer love was called Turkey.

I was already thinking about her for a while, but never found the way of talking to her, to face her. Until a day was her the one who found me. She sneaked out in my poor travel budget plan between Italy and Grecee and since that moment, I couldn’t get her out of my head. Her millenary look of history, her voice of thousand tales about her spectacular culture and tradition, her curves of the magnificence and vast territory…

Every moment shared with her in shape of a city, landscape or ruin was conquering me little by little. Just in case I was not already in an endeless love with her. Ephesus and its theater, Pamukkale and its termal springs, the stunning wealth of Sultanahmet and its mosques, the beauty of Cappadocia carved with precision by the wind and the rain as a fine artisan…and the days and weeks flew by.

And one day that trip came to an end. An unexpected Turkish passion of what its remember still survives. Even if Turkey and me we didn’t see to each other again, we made the promise to meet any other time. Hopefully soon. Because at the end, there are passions and loves that you just can’t never forget and will stick to you forever.

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