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Falling in love with the land they are lucky. Go off in their minds, to let the roots elsewhere, have no idea as to run away. You will not hear a word from the mouth of the day I get out of here. Every day there they wake up, they breathe the air of the rate and there are grateful for their age. was not born in Istanbul, and I did not grow, but over the years l fell in love with this magnificent city after l came to see sightseeing. In the future that this is where l want to live while l made more decisions in a very young age wish the family vacation always be made in Istanbul. The size of the city, through Europe, from the Asian side, the Bosphorous from one end to one end, go for a ride, ride the ferry, cross the street, lstiklal street, the crowd, the Blue’s dazzling splendor, restaurants, shopping, and a lot of things in me every time it drew itself a little more. Fortunately, After graduating from college l reach Istanbul. Now, the city of my childhood holidays in lstanbul, where live, and my house.

Coming here for vacation in lstanbul certainly not like to live. A big city Millions of people and continuous motion. Traffic pace, working life tempo, tempo while walking on the street on the road, then you leave yourself to the fast flow of the city. You’re now a part of the speed ou are not tired, but not tired at all, none of these lands. lstanbul can not get enough. Because it is not ordinary. Every minute is different. Surprises abound. Each contains a different mix of stories from each other Asian different Europe is different. Islands, Balat, Bebek, Beykoz are all different…

So far as my job as well as form why l’ve traveled the world a lot. I’ve been in hundreds of cities large and small. Lived for a time in some of them. Some of them said I live here, this is very nice. But I feel I’m in over with Istanbul did not feel any of the deep emotions.

Living in Istanbul as part of a complete mosaic. For thousands of years we’re talking about a city that has hosted many civilizations The world’s capital of lstanbul. Located at the confluence of three continents, the only city on two continents geography. Gushing from the ground from the earth there’s a piece of history in this city every civilization. Both the east and west. Both the city and also very stable very quickly. Life throat and down fast, but when you look at a so slow. Both incredibly modern, as well as time has stopped in this city thousands of years ago All of these dilemmas have formed the fabric of Istanbul today New interior is teeming with old, it is another transition. That’s why one of the most diverse cities in the world Istanbul. Take the time you spend for sightseeing in Istanbul’s never enough. Because Istanbul is not finished. Each day offers something new to discover every minute. Here in Istanbul which it is the most beautiful. Never not to be bored. Constantly something new to feed the soul. That’s why the most important poets, artists, this magical city has been the subject of both inspired and works to the authors Istanbul of religion, language and culture is a meeting point to come together. With mosques, churches and synagogues are side by side The cultural abundance is also reflected in The kitchen. Many kinds of flavors of the region are found in the restaurants in lstanbul.

That’s why I’m lucky because I ve here and I love this city. Teaches me something every day, inspire, nourish me, l admired the beauty of living in a city.


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