Ângela Bragança: “The Forum is a platform for projecting tourism as an income activity for the economy and for families.”

With the aim of promoting Angola and its tourism potential, the Minister of Tourism, Angela Bragança said during the welcome speech at the opening of the World Forum of Tourism Angola 2019, that the forum constitutes a platform for dialogue and projection of tourism as an income-generating activity for the economy and for families.

“The way forward to respond to this challenge is one of the objectives that brings us together in this event, where we want to leverage tourism and make it sustainable,” said Ângela Bragança.

The Minister also pointed out that the many potentialities make Angola a rich and diverse tourist treasure to be unveiled. Thus, when the World Tourism Forum is held, they do so with the conviction that there will be a return in the knowledge and art of tourism, as well as in the promotion and capture of national and foreign private investment.

The city of Luanda is home to 60% of existing hotel developments and equipment in Angola, with 40% remaining for the remaining 17 provinces, the Tourism and Hotel Minister said in Luanda.

Ângela Bragança, speaking on the panel “Tourism and social inclusion in Africa” ​​during the meeting of the World Tourism Forum, said that the sector has 28,462 rooms, of which 14,088 are hotel rooms and 14,374 are other types of accommodation.

The minister also said that there are 235 hotels in Angola, 1,771 hotel developments, 5,829 restaurants and the like, as well as 317 travel agencies.

Ângela Bragança pointed out as the main difficulties of tourism in Angola the lack and fragility of infrastructures and accessibility, the deficit of domestic production and dependence on imports and the scarcity of hotel equipment, complementary supply, training and qualification of the workforce, including of managers.

The World Travel & Tourism council reported that leisure travel spending is expected to increase through 2028. That, combined with a favorable projection for job creation across hotels, travel companies, airlines, and other transportation services, is an important indicator that these are opportunities for investment, and now is the time to capitalize. Additionally, Angola needs to invest in its promotion strategy in Africa and abroad to attract even more potential tourists and business travelers.

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