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Serving also as the CEO of International Rescue Committee (IRC), Mr. Miliband was one of the speakers attracting the biggest interest in the World Tourism Forum Global Meeting at the Istanbul Congress Center. Mr. Miliband made important remarks about Turkey’s position in the world arguing that Turkey would take a definitive role in how the 21st century unfolded as well as the world.
He emphasized that Turkey was a special country not only in terms of
tourism but also in many aspects. He pointed that Turkey had a significant
location that brings the East and the West together with its extraordinary
history, traditions, and position. Communicating his observations on international politics, he stated that the world experienced considerable
uncertainties and added: “How would Turkey cope with difficulties it encounters? The way it addresses such difficulties will influence the course of the 21st century. Turkey will take an important role in determining others’ choices and play a decisive role in shaping the 21st century itself and the entire world. European and American economists indicate in their indexes that the global uncertainties have reached a peak for the last 30 years.
There are significant changes in international politics. These changes
influence countries like Turkey and the others.” Mr. Miliband noted that some of the old problems persisted went on to say, “For instance, how would the leadership role of the United States shape in the global system? How would the EU’s structures and dimensions change? Experts describe
this situation as a decline in democratic norms. On the other hand, there is uncertainty regarding the kind of role China would assume. Which parts should we address in the Middle East? These are significant issues. Turkey stood either at the center or global refugee crisis or stood by them. I also carry out activities in an institution which works for the refugees. The refugee crisis can be resolved only with peace building. However, we should address the reasons behind these crises better and share Turkey’s burden.

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