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Minister Straw’s speech drew considerable interest at the third occasion of the World Tourism Forum Global Meeting this year. The veteran politician reminded that security problems existed not only in Turkey but also the United Kingdom, which saw similar incidents. He stated that the United Kingdom and Turkey met on many common grounds and added, “The United Kingdom and Turkey meet on many common grounds. Above all, we
are on the sidelines regarding the European Union. Both countries are
surrounded by seas. This geographical characteristic is a significant advantage for tourism.” Mr. Straw underlined that tourism was an important means to improve people’s perceptions of each other and that he grasped it well during the trips throughout his term. He argued that the United Kingdom made rational travel suggestions to its citizens limiting its caveats to certain warnings despite emphasizing that “travel is possible” in its messages.
He noted that the British people did not consider Turkey only as a country to escape bad weather conditions, the two countries had deep-rooted relations, and that tourism strengthened such relations. Making an evaluation of the UK’s Brexit process, Mr. Straw said, “Most of the European and non-EU countries suffer economic problems. They go through bad times due to the refugee problem. The United Kingdom will leave the European Union in two years. We will have left the EU officially in 2017. I suppose that there will be some efforts at the European level so that we do
not leave the Union altogether. For this reason, the process may take
longer. I do not think that the EU will collapse in the future but rather
undergo radical changes.

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