Google’s Keyword Planner has been analyzed by Columbus Direct to create monthly searches of famous landmarks in every region. The highest search volume landmark was then chosen as the “favorite landmark” for that region. All the findings can be seen here.

Sights are the highlights for many visitors and many enjoy visiting these iconic places to fill out their buckets while visiting a new country. We all have different causes to have a moment of wonder at these bucket lists, from human-made buildings such as Burj Khalifa and Taj Mahal to natural landmarks such as Niagara Falls and Mount Everest.

The Taj Mahal Is at the Top Spot

Taj Mahal is India’s leading location with more than 1400.000 (1,417,650) months-on-month searches of the most Googled sites worldwide. This icon is being searched by nations including India, Niger and Jordan. The mausoleum of white marble constructed in Agra from 1631 to 1648 on royalty order is a jewel of Muslim art in the country and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In Instagram and in India only, the Taj Mahal has searched for the label over average 550,000 times (550,920) in past year, more than 1.3 million tags. The most popular tourist attraction and landmark is an absolute must when you visit India or the city of Agra in particular.

The data shows top five worldwide landmarks, which were Googled:

  • Taj Mahal, India – 1,417,650 monthly searches worldwide
  • Machu Picchu, Peru – 1,269,260 monthly searches worldwide
  • Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates – 1,103,950 monthly searches worldwide
  • Niagara Falls, spanning the border of the US and Canada – 945,810 monthly searches worldwide
  • Eiffel Tower, France – 916,270 monthly searches worldwide

You should also be able to see Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal or Burj Khalifa on your bucket lists if you are looking for a landmark which is of most interest to visitors around the world.

Unheeded and Probably Quieter Places to Visit

From the highlights Columbus Direct examined, Google’s keyword planner is equally interesting for travelers, but Google searching for the Tokyo Tower in Japan, Brandenburg Gate and the Cologne Cathedral in Germany is less weekly, so that the number of tourists is not that large.

The most famous landmarks in the world include natural places like Uluru Ayers Rock and Iguazu National Park in Argentina. Nevertheless, the monthly search volumes of Burj Khalifa and the Eiffel Tower are less busy than sights where queues are involved.

The Country That Features the Most

Twice among the top ten most Googled sites, the US ranks eighth in New York with over 750,000 monthly searches (758,720) and the Pentagon in Washington 10, with over 730,000 searches (732,930) monthly.

The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in October 1886 and attracts around 3,5 million people each year. It is more than 150 feet tall and is seen from a fair distance-and its iconic symbolism is intriguing for tourists from around the world.

How Do You Compare the Search Volumes of British Landmark?

With more than 540,000 search results, both Big Ben and the London Eye are among the Top 20 most Googled landmarks.

An average, 549 840 monthly searches are now performed in the famed London Eye, where the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany are the countries looking to find this attraction most.

The Taj Mahal is a unique and distinctive architectural achievement in Islamic architecture and therefore, in showing it to tourists, it has been named the world’s Most Googled Landmark, so it’s not surprising that it is the most significant feature in Islamic architecture.

With regard to the other monuments of the top ten Machu Picchu is one of the seven wonders of the world to visit, that’s why the Inca estate has been built by millions of visitors every year. The most interesting sites in Googled are exclusive and fascinating to neighboring countries and foreign indigenous people.

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