In its 2020 report Virtuoso Family Travel Community reveals that the parents today raise educated, well-traveled and active global citizens who prepare families for their journeys.

The findings of Virtuoso show that honesty is the top factor, with children in the second place guiding travel decisions. No wonder active encounters are one of the number one options for families who travel or that parents travel with younger children.

Italy, Hawaii, Scotland, Costa Rica and France are the main family destinations. More locals are on the rise, however. The popularity of Croatia, Belize, Kenya, Morocco and Antarctica with families is increasing.

The number one trend for families remains multifaceted, followed by a categorized beach resort holiday that combines the relaxing parents with the activities which attract these active ages. The list of the top five trends is complemented by party travel and experienced travel.

Events on the Family’s market include genuine holidays, travel decisions made by young globetrotters, children’s eye-catching services, off – the-road destinations and “skip genes.”

When they travel, what are families looking for? Activities at the top of the family spectrum include fun outings, relaxing by the beach or by the pool, sports, sightings / interactions, local culture and cuisine.

Generation-Z also impacts travel patterns more. The survey by Virtuso shows that they are interested in holiday planning, prefer to book culturally immersive experiences, search for social media visual journeys, influence others via their social media channels and take advantage of individualizing their preferences in their travel.

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