Today is the day we all need to take some precautions. Each big coronavirus nation in the world shuts its doors one by one, and it appears to have spread across nearly each section of the world map this weekend. Although the earliest affected areas of China are seeing promising signs of recovery, I expect the headline The Atlantic soon, always known as the World Closes Border, to be seen for its definitive, educational headlines.

These are periods of life for the world’s transport market. From the beginning of the Global Tourism Forum, I have smashed anyone who would listen (and if you ever heard me speak in every single speech I ever gave) into the drum by these two lines: Travel is the largest industry in the world, let’s continue to be like it! Travel is the world’s strategic hub, handle it!

Through a travel business, the Global Tourism Forum reports this news 24/7. We cover the most important moment of our lives and are planned as the most important company to expose what happens right now in a global travel industry and the world, why and the future.

Today, our analysis and editorial departments do some of the best work. We not only address the news but offer meaning and insights into* all* activities while at the same time putting the role of the Global Tourism Forum in this area as we always do. Ensure that our journalism of excellence is read, exchanged and subscribed to our deeper dive subscription services.

The Global Tourism Forum team has even more to say, and our interest during the recovery process will become even clearer. In the past, I said that travel is the most advanced expression of man’s interest, and I’m not sure that the industry is getting better and the rest of the world is going to bounce back in travel, even if it takes a while to regain precoronavirus level.

As a travel institute, we are not immune to everyone who has been injured while traveling. Help the Global Tourism Platform for independent journalism and study in the world’s most critical field. The industry needs to be covered seriously and sustainably.

Bulut BağcıPresident, Global Tourism Forum

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