Tourism Industry is one of the major sectors that are being affected by Coronavirus globally. Tourism industry  has been hit by major cancellations and postponements of events and conferences around the world. Almost, all big expos and tradeshows have been cancelled like a domino effect, because of Covid-19. The list of these cancelled events is going to increase day by day.

Apparently, the total loss of the sector is calculated nearly 24 Trillion Dollars, worldwide. From Travel and tourism industry to hotel industry, to most hit airlines and aviation industry, a wide spectrum has been affected by Covid-19. Today most of the countries are closing borders, in order to contain the fast spreading virus – measures which directly affect tourism industry and its all sub sectors.

Of course, we can understand and appreciate all these measures are necessary, but whole companies will be wiped out, as some of the first casualties, the airlines are beginning to ground their fleets and cancel operations. Umpteen numbers of jobs will be lost, and livelihoods will be impacted.  Whilst we feel empathy for our industry colleagues, we must comply with all the measures stated by the authorities right until the end.

BUT make no mistake this virus will be finished one day! And the tourism leaders who have been caught off-guard must be ready to lead and support Tourism Industry out of these difficult times. ONLY those companies will rise again, who can prepare themselves and brace themselves out of this scenario and be ready for the eventuality of the return of tourism. And the humanity will embrace once again the #poweroftourism

Governments should give the sector new incentives and support the sector through these bad times. Once the virus will fade away, nothing will lift and revive the mood of the nations and ensure a path to economic rehabilitation quicker than tourism.  Therefore, we must remain calm, we must remain upbeat, we must remain vigilant, and wait for the virus to pass and continue our lives from where we left off. Let’s remain patient, let’s remain compassionate, and let’s respect our industry colleagues, as we are in this together. The world is about to change its trajectory and press the RESTART button, and how we do business will be very different from now. We may not know now how much or how far – But rest assured through human resilience we will figure it out.

Corona is defining us today, but life will continue beyond the virus. And #poweroftourism will define us once again!! 

Barış KahrımanBoard Member, Global Tourism Forum

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