Chinese travel giant recently unveiled its 2020 Destination Wishlist as part of its post-coronavirus tourism recovery plan (in Chinese), offerings insights on Chinese travel intent based on data collected from across its array of channels and platforms.

The high interest registered for overseas destinations (defined by as anywhere outside of mainland China) is a reflection that Chinese travelers are already thinking of their next holiday, even if their travel movement remains restricted, according to

The top 20 international destinations are:

  1. Thailand
  2. Japan
  3. Singapore
  4. Vietnam
  5. Dubai
  6. Indonesia
  7. Malaysia
  8. Australia
  9. Germany
  10. U.K.
  11. Canada
  12. Morocco
  13. New Zealand
  14. Italy
  15. South Korea
  16. Brazil
  17. Chile
  18. Argentina
  19. Israel
  20. Fiji

A strong preference for family and shopping, islands and beaches, and culture are prevalent themes observed among preferred international destinations.

  • Top family and shopping destinations include Japan, Singapore, U.K, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Dubai and Canada.
  • For beaches and islands, topping the list are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, Hawaii, Fiji and Greece.
  • When it comes to culture, high on the list are Morocco, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Israel, Argentina and Serbia.


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