Another macabre milestone in the United States: More than 3,000 people have now died as a result of Covid-19 in the US, and the rate of those killed each day is not expected to slow down soon.

A model cited by the White House estimated that 82,000 people could die from coronavirus by August, even with social distancing measures in place. The model, which is updated regularly, predicted Monday morning Eastern Time that more than 2,000 people could die each day in mid-April, when the virus is predicted to hit the country hardest.

At least 574 coronavirus-related deaths were reported in the US on Monday, according to a count by CNN Health. More than 160,000 have been infected in the country.

A critical 30 days ahead: President Donald Trump said he believes the next 30 days are important for flattening the curve to stop the outbreak of coronavirus. He emphasized the importance of social distancing, saying that every American “has a role to play in winning this war.” Nearly 80% of the US population are under stay-at-home orders.

Every citizen, family, and business can make the difference in stopping the virus,” Trump said. “This is our shared patriotic duty. Challenging times are ahead for the next 30 days.”

Trump told reporters at a news conference yesterday that the administration has “talked about” a nationwide stay-at-home order, similar to those of some states, but said it would be very “tough” to enforce and “not something we wanted to do.”

Worrying signs in India: The world’s second-most populous country reported 227 new coronavirus patients Monday, its highest single-day jump since the outbreak began. While the numbers in India are relatively low — at least 1,251 patients, 32 of whom died — fatalities have been reported nationwide by the Indian Ministry of Health and concerns are growing.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for all inside the country to self-isolate, but that is effectively impossible for the millions of people who are either homeless or live in dilapidated slums.


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