Tourism Recovery Townhall series, is a digital virtual platform, to provide a unique opportunity to governments around the world, their tourism leaders on the frontline of the recovery from COVID 19. Heads of Tourism boards and CVBs talk about and share their country’s experience with the crisis. Now their winning strategies to come out of them, their challenges, as well as their winning formula to rise and recover once again.

World Tourism Forum Institute CEO Sumaira Isaacs addressed Vice Chairman of Kazakh Tourism National Company, Kairat Sadvakassov, in the 10th Edition of the World Tourism Forum Town Hall series.

Kairat Sadvakassov addressed that As one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, social distancing in Kazakhstan is something natural. We only have six people per 100 m2 and 18.5 Million people living in a territory five times larger than France.

He highlighted steps taken by Kazakh Tourism National Company and said that we are optimistic about Kazakhstan tourism’s future. We have opened up most of the hotels and significantly lifted the barriers. We have stringent rules to avoid the spread of the virüs. Moreover, the Outlook of domestic tourism is powerful.

“We introduced mostly tax reliefs to the businesses. Based on the size of the enterprise, we have different levels of businesses and started to support them with property and payroll tax reliefs until the end of the year. Overall, we had a positive response from the industry”.

Talking about his safety programs, Sadvakassov commented that: “We introduced a lot of barriers to stop the spread of the pandemic and saw very positive outcomes of this. We built our muscles in terms of medical response, building additional hospitals, and carrying out overnight tests. At the beginning of the pandemic, we had the capacity of only 1000 tests. We were able to grow this capacity to 20000 tests. These measures were beneficial. We are in a stage where safety protocols are still being considered. With this plan, we will be able to rollout only during the next phase of the pandemic, if that happens in the future.”

About World Tourism Forum Institute

As the leading international tourism development and investment brand, World Tourism Forum Institute is a London, UK-based organization committed to promoting developing countries in the field of tourism development, economic growth, foreign direct investment through tourism investments, and human resource development in the industry.

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About “Kazakh Tourism” National Company

“Kazakh Tourism” National Company” JSC was established in 2017 following numerous successful events held in the country in order to continue promotion of Kazakhstan globally as a travel destination. Kazakh Tourism, being the country’s brand manager for tourism and a subsidiary of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, ensures comprehensive and holistic positioning of the country both internationally and domestically.

Kazakh Tourism places its focus on marketing and promotion of the country, attracting investments into tourism, and implementing of the National Tourism Development Strategy until 2025. Kazakh tourism in its daily activities rely on partnership and alliances with international travel associations, development organizations, travel trade and media companies. While serving the Government’s goal to reach 8% input to GDP from tourism we believe in sustainable development through both economic and environmentally friendly growth based on strong communities and responsible business practices.

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