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Tourism Recovery Townhall series, is a digital virtual platform, to provide a unique opportunity to governments around the world, their tourism leaders on the frontline of the recovery from COVID 19. Heads of Tourism boards and CVBs talk about and share their country’s experience with the crisis. Now their winning strategies to come out of them, their challenges, as well as their winning formula to rise and recover once again.

World Tourism Forum Institute CEO Sumaira Isaacs addressed Founder and CEO of Rixos Hotels, Fettah Tamince, in the 12th Edition of the World Tourism Forum Town Hall series.

Fettah Tamince addressed that Dubai is one of the best managed and developed destinations in the world. Dubai has great potential. Dubai is the leader in terms of tourism. Dubai always introduces something new. Once you establish your brand there, you feel yourself as if you were in the Champions League. Once you succeed in Dubai, you can be successful anywhere in the world. 

Tamince highlighted that he is developing destinations rather than building only hotels: “I build a lot of facilities such as sports, kids, and wellness facilities with some room. I established the Land of Legends because there were no similar brands in the industry. I am always compassionate to do things right. When people ask me about the Land of Legends, I tell them we have 100 facilities, one of them being a hotel. It is a privilege for me to do it in a world of lots of competitors.”

About the partnership agreement between AccorHotels and Rixos Hotels, Fettah Tamince said, “I did it with great pleasure. I want my brand to live forever. I wanted to introduce my brand to the world. Each country is a new challenge. I told AccorHotels that I would sell them a part of my brand in exchange for entering new markets. We joined our forces, we used each other’s best practices, and we developed together. It is a win-win situation for both of the brands “.

Talking about investments in Africa, Tamince commented: “I have the vision to develop the Land of Legends in Africa. It is a significant product and investment. I believe it is a game-changer for any country where we put it. I also know your relations are good with the governments. It is something where we have to collaborate with the governments, and we want to go to a location where the government welcomes us.”

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