Notwithstanding lengthy lockdowns, the Covid-19 curve also has to flatten in Latin American nations. There is no reference to Colombia. As the country faces the health emergency, c(IPA) starts its development programs. President Flavia Santoro Trujillo states that international participation would play a vital role in the recovery.

Covid-19 Strategies of ProColombia

We think the present challenges prospects at ProColombia. We have stayed concentrated on our goal, and we continue to achieve our goals. International direct investment is a gateway to social and economic growth and would play a crucial role in the country’s economic recovery.

Our mission was changed, and technologies and new resources were integrated to hold FDI attracted. For starters, we are highlighting 70 investment ventures for European investors in the digital investment roadshow. Our underlying premise is that activity will proceed.

Investment in Infrastructure building

Through providing innovative opportunities, we hope to encourage foreign businesses to re-organize production chains to push back to their headquarters [through North America].

Based on its geographical position and the abundance of human capital and natural resources, we want to develop Colombia as an ideal destination. We are looking at attracting anchor investors who can develop domestic value chains and sell them to third markets with local companies.

We are more than ever searching for significant investments to improve our manufacturing infrastructure and promote creativity and create quality employment. We concentrate on both of these benefits to enhance prospects in industries such as business process outsourcing (BPO), pharmaceutical firms, app growth, agribusiness to tourism.

Start-ups and development are essential to economic recovery. We collaborate closely with local business people to facilitate their export operations. We are putting together 80 Colombian start-ups pursuing foreign collaborations and funding during the roadshow that I listed for starters. A majority is in fintech, but other industries, such as artificial intelligence, app production, and leisure, also serve.

Colombian Biodiversity

Isolation is an opportunity to become more prepared and ready for the new world. That includes improving air access in the tourism business, while also offering instruction to firms in the industry, and 11,000 firms have already been educated in modern tourist opportunities. This will begin with domestic tourism, but, in the long term, I agree that Colombia has attributes – such as our exceptional biodiversity – which can bring economic recovery opportunities in the tourism sector.

ProColombia During COVID-19

In these conditions, I am of the view that it operates as a team, being constructive, flexible, and concentrating on functional outcomes.

We seem to have ample room for video conferences with our interlocutors to make the best of it. As a team, we have shown energy, but we have to work ten times harder to keep achieving positive performance. I’m an optimist, and I hope we can accomplish that.

Watch Recovery Townhall 20th Edition / Flavia Santoro Trujillo below:

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