The CEO of the world’s busiest international transport airport said that passenger traffic could decrease by up to 70% in 2020.

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai International Airport, said that officials expect traffic would decline by 55% to 65% at Dubai International Airport. Still, a surge of new diseases has led to more instability across the globe.

After the United Arab Emirates removed the ban on most passenger services in June, the arrivals and departures on Dubai airport have been gradually rising, while Griffiths and several people in the tourism industry are still trying to minimize the quarantine rules affecting the industry.

“The quarantine provision in many areas of the world is a concern,” Griffiths told Reuters. “If you are heading to the UK at the moment, there are 14 days of quarantine, and many citizens can’t spare the period.”

Instead, Dubai International has introduced modified coronavirus monitoring, obligatory masks, and COVID-19 secondary monitoring at the time of entry.

On October 16, for the first time since March 16, the Aviation Security Administration handled 1 million passengers on a single day. Over the 4-day holiday, the number was over 3.7 million.

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