Founder, True Events

16 Years of journey as Founder and Chief Managing Director that has created True Events and World Wide Weddings as a Technology driven premier entertainment Company of India. As one of the most reputed Events and Entertainment Companies with specializing in the spectacular, I have ensured to provide State-of-the art Technologies, planning and workmanship enabling to create utmost success in experience at social Events and Brand Communication through various mediums.

A 51 Year old French University – MEDICINE ALTERNATIVA recognized

Dr. JAYDEEP MEHTA in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Dr. JAIDEEP MEHTA is the 1st Indian who got recognized as Doctor Of Honours in Event Management. True Events is the only Company to get thid recognition at an International level.

The Key success formula for me and my Companies is to measure impact of each Event that has been highly influential in redesigning the trends of marketing communication for many large Corporate. Whether planning ,designing, or producing an Event of any scale. I ensure my Company and team members, at all times, that the magic of a truly memorable Event is in the details, but so is the devil. I am constantly striving to outdo my past performance. Put simply, our-top-of-the-line personnel produce unforgettable results via innovative ideas using the most modern technology thus communicating beyond advertising.

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