Mehmet Ersoy was born in Istanbul in 1968. He graduated from Deutsche Schule in 1987 and studied Business Management in English at Istanbul University. He is fluent in English and German.

In 1991, he founded Etstur with his twin brother Murat Ersoy, each holding a 50% share of the company. Mehmet Ersoy is now the Chairman of the Executive Board. Today, Etstur is the leading tour operator with 60% of the sales of the top 10 tour operators in Turkey. In 2001, Didimtur was incorporated as a second tour operator.

Mehmet Ersoy is also the owner and the Chairman of the Executive Board of the 5-star Voyage Hotels and 5-star plus Maxx Royal Resorts chains.

Mehmet Ersoy has also invested in the Energy Industry and founded the 2M energy companies with his businessman friend, Mehmet Yükselen. He is also the owner and the Chairman of the Executive Boards of these companies.

The successful businessman, who has an active social life, is a member of the Turkish Golf Federation and Deputy Chairman of Başakşehir Football Team.

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