Owner/CEO, Max MedIum

Tatiana Spurnova

The owner and CEO of MaxMedium Creative MICE Agency, author of the first specialized books «MICE IS» in Russia, member of the Organizing Committee of the NAEM (National Association of Event Managers), the Creator and Producer of “Corporate Run” project.

Tatiana was educated in England in two subjects – Business Studies and Contract Law. She started career in aviation and travel business in the United Arab Emirates.

Behind Tatiana more than 18 years of experience in the event industry, including 12 years of successful management of her own agency providing whole scope of EVENT/MICE services for corporate Clients in any part of the world.

MaxMedium Agency and its projects receive professional recognition and awards from year to year, including:

The “Golden Puzzle – Best EVENT project” Award in 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015;
The RedTie Award – “the Best use of the opportunities of off-site activities”, 2015;
The “Event of the Year” Award – 2014”;
TOP 5 Best EVENT-Agency certified AKMR, 2012, 2014;
The “Global Event Awards” 2015.
The first specialized book “MICE IS” by Tatyana Spurnova and Olga Levsha was issued in 2015 in Russia. The book represents a workbook, where the authors do not call for something, do not teach but share their personal experiences, talk about their errors and give advices by the examples of cases.

Tatiana is a bloger on the portal Event-forum.ru. She is a member of the Organizing Committee of the National Association of Event Managers (NAEM) and lecturer at Event University.

Tatiana with MaxMedium team continues to work on their niche of “Creative MICE”. Tatiana advocates for market segmentation in the event-business and adheres to the principle that it is better to be the best in its segment, rather than do everything mediocre. Tatiana always notes that the Agency is a partner and adviser, and its misson is to control the process, offer solutions, assess all risks and do not act just as the Clients’ wishes executor.

In 2016 Tatiana and her team began work on a new project for corporates market – it is the first corporate-wide team building “Corporate Run”. “Corporate Run” is a unique format event that includes a corporate event, social project, Family Day, networking and a sports festival. The first “Corporate Run” has held in Moscow on 17 September 2016.

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